Z Media Group began in Chicago in 2006 when a team of young professionals teamed up to provide social media marketing services in Chicago. Social media with Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace were just getting started and new world of opportunity was opened up to corporate America.

It wasn’t until 2010 that corporations really wanted to dive deep into social media. They wanted Facebook pages, Instagram profiles, and YouTube channels. But they didn’t quite know how to navigate this new frontier.

That’s where we came in and helped them launch various media campaigns.

Our original company would later be dissolved because our two original partners were bought out very large national firms located in New York and Chicago.

One partner joined a large digital marketing group in downtown Chicago. While the other partner moved his family to Toledo, Ohio and has opened up shop in Toledo providing digital media services to local companies.

We are a boutique media creation company focusing on a few small projects per year. We do this because it’s a passion of ours and not because we want to make a ton of money doing it. It’s a passion project.

We’ve mostly worked with local non profit agencies providing high quality service for a fraction of the cost, and many times, no cost to help those non profits thrive.

We’ve helped companies take their websites from complete obscurity to No 1 on Google’s search pages in just weeks.

We’ve worked on local films and movies providing editing and color correction service. We’ve also done local photo shoots with high level Photoshop editing for local models.

We’ve worked on corporate videos using drones and commercial film cameras. We’ve also done editing and color correction for Hollywood blockbusters.

What sets us apart is quality. Sure, you can hire almost anyone with a camera to shoot a video for you, but the results will be sub optimal. Like those terrible local late night commercials you see on TV.

Our work is high quality and professional. We not only use the best equipment, but we also use the latest and greatest software for editing and color correcting your project.

We love what we do and would love to help you with your next project!

Use our contact form to get a hold of us! We look forward to helping you accomplish your goals!

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