2021 Upgrades

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We spent most of 2020 working on passion projects and upgrading our equipment. We already had an arsenal of lights, cameras, batteries, and microphones. We have spent hundreds of thousands over the past decade upgrading equipment. We had a wish list for 2021 and here’s how it rounded out.

First we upgraded our motherboard and processor on our main editing computer bay. This gives us more processing power and more turnaround time so that we can give you a much better experience and picture quality along with the best audio in the business.

We also upgraded most of our microphones investing thousands in voiceover mics shotgun mics and boom mics. We’ve also upgraded our DAW and all of our interfaces for bringing audio into the system.

We’ve also added five more cinematic lenses so that we can capture the best images in the most cinematic video for your projects.

We’ve also added a new commercial grade cinematic camera, the Canon c200, and will be using this on most of our video shoots. Our previous workhorse Canon camera will now be our B camera.

We’ve upgraded all of our software to the latest and greatest editing and effects software and are ready to roll out some of the greatest videos and effects that you’ll ever see!

Take a look at the gallery of our gorgeous new camera and we hope you appreciate the time effort and resources that we’re putting in to creating amazing images and video for all of your projects!