Music Video Recording & Production

We love doing music videos! They are very artistic, very creative, and there is no limit to what you can do with editing and special effects. Music videos can be very fun to shoot. They can be shot in just one day (or even a few hours) and are even more fun to edit! We offer very affordable rates for music videos. We charge anywhere from $300-600 per video depending on the time and number of shots and locations. You will receive a finished product that looks like you spent $20,000 or more. Because we specialize in cinematic films, color correction, editing, and color grading, we can guarantee that your music videos will look better than anything anyone else can do! 

Our music videos can include:

  • Location shoots (local is cheaper)
  • Green screen recordings (to be able to place you in any location and change background)
  • Studio shoots
  • Outdoor shoots
  • Drone aerial footage
  • Concert and performance footage (if you have a live performance coming up, we can get footage to use)
  • Storyline videos
  • Visual effects (add rain, fire, smoke, snow, explosions, etc)
  • Compositing, Rotoscoping
  • Sound effects

Please shoot us an email and we will respond with a quote. Please send us the following:

  • Your full name, phone number, and contact information 
  • Link to your song
  • Sample music video or concept that you like
  • Storyboard or concept
  • Shooting locations and dates
  • Distribution channels (online or broadcast)
  • Best times to meet or talk on phone to discuss project
  • Other actors or performers that you may want to include
  • Your budget
  • Any other special instructions


Contact us today for quotes.