Event Videography & Video

Event videography and videotaping is a specialty of ours. If you have a lecture, or town hall meeting, board meeting, or kids program with a clown, we will be happy to videotape your event and produce an excellent video for you.

We view video and film differently. Video is for taping of live events, while film is for pre-planned shots and productions. Film has a more cinematic look, while video appears more "live and real" with sharper images. We use the same cameras and lenses, but more effort goes into our film-like productions to make them look cinematic. We can do that to your live events, but it may not always be appropriate. Take a look at our filmography page for pre-scripted productions.

We also offer a special minimalist approach to videography, where we use very small cameras and lenses and are out of the way and blend in with the crowd better. We still offer the same HD high quality images, but don't use the big huge cameras, microphones, and lenses. Even with our minimalist approach, we are still able to produce excellent video (or film) with high quality images that are top of the line.

Ask about our event videography:

  • Birthday parties
  • Lectures
  • Workshops
  • Potlucks
  • Kids programs
  • Weddings
  • Live music
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Convention documentaries and interviews
  • Interviews
  • Documentaries

Our video offerings are more for live events that you would like recorded and edited. If you are looking for a scripted production that is not taped live, take a look at our film offerings.

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