Video & Film Editing

We offer video editing packages for those who already have all of their video shot and just need help editing the video. We can edit your video fully or just help you with some special effects on a few scenes.

If you haven't shot your video or film yet, we can provide everything from script writing, to shooting, to editing and distribution of the final product. We can help you develop your story, plan shoots, and record your entire project.

We can edit only if you already have shot footage. For example, you ordered a basic wedding package where the videographer didn't do any editing, and just gave you a DVD of all the raw footage and now you have the money and want to put together a very nice video to share with family and friends. We can do just the editing of footage you provide us.

Color Correction
We offer full service color correction to help get your white balance, contrast, exposure, saturation, and brightness corrected. The difference between amateur video and professional production is in the color correction. We can also use our color techniques to do shot matching. If you have footage from two different cameras that look too different, we can help you match the look of both shots. 

Below is an example of footage that was shot flat and later color corrected. Shooting footage with a flat color profile or "picture style" allows you to capture more information so that you can edit it and adjust it later. If you capture the footage using standard picture styles, you lose a lot of detail in the shadows and highlights, lose color depth, and can't edit or adjust color as well in post production.

Color Grading
After color correction, if you want your video to have a certain look to it, we can help grade your scenes to give  them a very unique look or a look that generates certain emotions. We excel at color correction and can make your productions look very special.

Compositing and Special Effects
Video effects and compositing using Adobe After Effects can really make your productions stand out. Even if it's as simple as adding fog or rain to a scene. Don't ever underestimate what a difference a few computer generated snowflakes can do to your scenes.

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