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Making Of: AKPSI Intro Video

Published on Sunday, April 19, 2015

Making Of: AKPSI Intro Video

We were asked to help put together a quick introductory video for a charity fashion show. The catch was it had to be done quickly, the show was the next day ad still had to be screened and approved. So we went to work.


We found an animated intro in After Effects that we had used previously on a wedding and used that as our template. When you are in a rush, you have to just find things that you've done before and adapt them to your current project. We only had a few hours to create this whole project and anything we could do to save time was going to be very helpful. It was also good that the client already had the videos recorded. Finding the pictures on Facebook wasn't hard, we downloaded a few nice ones off their Facebook page.

The videos needed some basic color correction, we applied a quick color corrector from After Effects. They had a slight red/yellow hue (like most indoor shot videos), and it corrected easily. We ran through the video quickly on RAM previews and it seemed ok. Also scrubbed through it a bit to get a rough idea. Seemed fine.

Back in Premiere, we created the intro project. Created a bin for audio, video, images, titles, and sequences, which is our normal workflow. If you adapt this workflow, it will save you time. You could create an empty project with these bins already created and use it as a template for every project. You have to learn to be repetitive and efficient. 

We imported the After Effects final slide show that we had just rendered into the video bin. We created the opening red Alpha Kappa Psi title. Played around with the colors and fonts a bit till we liked it. Gave it a bit of a casual, yet serious look. We added keyframes for size and opacity. Set the initial size as pretty small and the initial opacity as almost completely see through. Hence, it looks like it's fading in as well as getting bigger. Played with the speed and location of the keyframes in relation to where they occur in time, and found that it looked quite nice.

Next we imported our "Z" image into the image bin. Added a black title that had no words on it to create just a black background. Placed that on the lowest layer. Then we added all the words as separate title. Then we added keyframes to the "ZMedia", "Productions",  and "" title for opacity and made them all fade in. For the Z image, we added size and rotation keyframes and played with them until the Z looked like it was starting out huge and spinning into place. It took bit of experimentation, but we got it to look pretty good.

The next animation was the red, black, and white slide introducing the Fashion Show. First we added the black background as the bottom layer. Then created separate titles for all of the words and stacked them up over the background and moved them into their final positions. Then we went backwards and had the "Welcome to" fade in first, then the "A" slide in, and so on and so forth. It's easiest to start with these in their final position, then add keyframes and work your way back. We tweaked it a few times until everything came in on time and looked right.

The fireworks intro at the end was a previously created intro from a wedding we did. We just changed all the words. The fireworks sound effect was from YouTube's free library of sound effects. They have almost anything you can think of and allow you to use them for free. Anyone with a gmail/YouTube account has access to these. Just create a YouTube channel to gain access to this area.

We put them all in order, added a few quick transitions, made sure the music qued up properly and played correctly, and did the final viewing.

Then on to the final render, and it was all done! They showed it at the show and it looked great! Hope you enjoyed! Learn to use your resources and quickly adapt!

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