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Getting started in film

Published on Friday, March 27, 2015

Getting started in film

Getting started in filmography is easy. It's not about big equipment or a big budget. You can use the equipment you already have (camcorder, iPhone, camera). But you will certainly need to learn about camera angles, proper lighting, good editing skills, color correction, even color grading. You need experience more than you need actual equipment.

Anyone with a phone or an old camera that shoots video can get started. You really don't need cameras that cost thousands of dollars. There are so many YouTube tutorials on how to shoot good video with just your camera phone. You will need a tripod and possibly a lighting system. Both can be purchased from for less than $60 each. Proper lighting and a tripod definitely offer more production value than a new camera.

More than anything, you will need framing, perspective, camera angles, and editing. The best way to learn is to recreate a scene from your favorite movie or television show. Pick a 30 second scene and figure out a way to recreate it at home using your equipment, no budget, and very little help other than yourself. You can easily make lights out of very cheap equipment from Home Depot or Lowe's. 

Editing will be where you should spend the majority of your learning. The difference between a beautiful filmic scene and a very plain home video looking scene is in the editing. Primarily, the color correction and how the cuts are made in editing.

One way to improve quickly is to find your local film making clubs and join them. Find out if there are any local shoots, offer to help holding microphone boom poles, shooting cameras, holding equipment, setting up sets, and anything else you can help with. You will quickly adapt and learn new skills and you can apply them to your own films. Your local university theater or film making departments may be able to help too, they are always looking for volunteers.

Here are a few very useful YouTube channels that have plenty of tutorials and can help you get started.

DSLR Guide:

FIlm Riot:

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